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located @ 1170 Roosevelt St. Extension (off of Kerper Blvd) .- Dubuque, Iowa

Our non-mobile based shop and office is located at 1170 Roosevelt St. Extension in Dubuque Iowa.  At this location we provide several services that may not be provided on our (6) mobile shop unit vehicles.  Dubuque Fire Equipment, Inc., is a Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) certified hydro-test facility for low and high pressure cylinders.Services such as hydrotesting of low and high pressure cylinders, (CO2-Air-Nitrogen-Helium-& Beer Mix, SCBA, SCUBA, fire suppression, dry & wet chemical fire extinguishers, water press extinguishers, cleanguard extinguishers, propane tanks & Paintball cylinders), recharging of SCBA, SCUBA (Grade E Air Quality) CO2 beverage tanks, recharging and servicing of fire extinguishers and purchasing of first aid supplies.



High Pressure Hydrotester, Low Pressure Hydrotester, & Test Jackets

The high pressure hydrotest unit is used in hydrotesting high pressure cylinders, such as oxygen, nitrogen, co2, helium, scba (self contained breathing air), & scuba (self contained underwater breathing air) tanks.  All high pressure cylinders must be tested in maximum 5 year intervals if there are no physical changes to the cylinder, (some cylinders must be tested at 3 year intervals), and if physical damage or other specifications are present they may qualify for re-test sooner then the specifications demand.  This hydro tester is authorized by the Department of Transportation per our certification requirements.

The low pressure hydrotester & test jacket  is used to hydro-test low pressure (dry chemical, water press, class K, etc) fire extinguishers.  The cabinet is a safety precaution to protect from the expansion of the shell during testing in the event of having a cylinder not pass.

Cylinder Dryer

Dry Chemical recharge room

In this area of our shop we perform our dry chemical fire extinguisher recharges and repairs.  With our vacu-fill system and the scales we are able to properly recharge extinguishers with accuracy and minimal mess.

This is our Shop work area where we perform our hydrotesting, recharging, CO2 refilling, visual inspections, and reconditioning of cylinders.

This is our CO2 recharging area.  The CO2 pump and scales are used to fill the CO2 cylinders and CO2 fire extinguishers to the proper weight and pressure that each cylinder is designed for.

Air Compressor & Cascade System

This is our air compressor we use to fill SCBA, SCUBA, Paintball, & compressed Air Cylinders.  We provide Grade E Quality Air.

 Training Room

 This room is used for training and explaining the functionality and process of fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers, & emergency/exit lighting.

Customer Reception Area

Cusomers are warmly greeted and welcomed as they enter our business.  In this area we do provide samples of the products we sell here at Dubuque Fire Equipment.  You can browse through catalogs or purchase directly those items we do keep in stock or wait comfortably for your equipment to be serviced, recharged, or repaired. First Aid, Fire Extinguishers, Emergency Lighting, Accessories, Cabinets, etc.

 Warehouse Area

Front Office Area

In this area, our office representatives provide customer service, reception, scheduling, invoiceing, and all other clerical duties.