Technicians & Associates

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DFE Family

We have several years combined of dedicated service history in the Tri-States Area.  Our experience history, our education, our honesty, our extensive certifications, and our ability to be flexible to your needs makes us the right choice to serve you.

When we purchased this business back into our family in October of 2002, We had (2) service vehicles and (4) Full time employees.  Now we have (7) service vehicles, (1) Installation vehicle, (1) CO2 delivery vehicle, (3) Hood and duct cleaning vehicles, (2) Fire Training Demo Trailer, (5) company vehicles and (13) full time and (5) part time employees.  We grow to fit your safety needs.

IN LOVING MEMORY *Tom Blaser Dec. 28, 1964 - May 26, 2021* 35 years *Owner & President* We truly miss you!

*Maggie Blaser* 22 years * President, Owner*

*Chuck Massey* *General Manager/Vice President* 25 years

Allison "Allie" Blaser*Vice Pres/Hood Cleaning Scheduling* 7 year

Steve Miller *Illinois Service Technician* 24 years experience

Tim Blaser *Dubuque & surrounding area Service & Shop Technician, Hood & Duct Cleaning, 7 Years

Phil Foltz*Wisconsin/Illinois Fire Technician* 11 Years

William Blaser * Shop Technician* 5 Year

PJ LuGrain * Service Technician* Northern Iowa/Southwestern Wisconsin/Galena IL Territory* 10 years

Toni Cox *Accounts Receivable/Clerical* 2 Years

Jeff Kopp * Service Technician* Southeastern Iowa Territory* 2 years

Anthony (Tony) DeJesus * Shop Technician/Installations *1 Year

Jeff Tucker * Shop Technician (High/Low Pressure Hydro testing) *13 Years

John Bisdorf * Shop Technician *1 Year

Scott Weber * Hood & Duct Cleaning/Pressure Washing 7 years

Casey Monahan * Hood & Duct Cleaning/Pressure Washing 2 years

Darion Reese * Hood & Duct Cleaning/Pressure Washing 1 year

Cody Brandt * Hood & Duct Cleaning/Pressure Washing 2 years

Jailen Manns * Hood & Duct Cleaning/Pressure Washing 1 years